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Join Codes

The join code allows for members to join their club/league/team without much hassle.  If they already have an account, the member would simply use the join code to join their members.


The code is located on the Members page.  Only secretaries or managers can see the code.  If a member wants the join code, they need to ask for it from anyone of higher position than them.


Once the join code is obtained, the member would simply copy and paste it into the Join Field when they join.  Once submitted, the member should be apart of the club/league or team.


We use this code so that the managers or the person to create the club/league/team account doesn't have to enter in 20 names or even 100 names and emails.  They simply send the join code out to all the members any they can join themselves without time spent by the manager.

Last updated: 6 years ago

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