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Getting Your Team/League Setup

Getting started is fairly simple.

  • First sign up.
  • Once logged in, go to the upper links and find the team / league drop down.
  • You will be asked to join or create here.
  • Use the create link to fill out information about your team / league.
  • Once complete, it will be quickly approved by our admins.  For verification purposes and not allowing fake data, we require an approval process to take place.
  • You will be sent an email usually within the hour about your approval.
  • From here, log back in and start adding members.  You can either add them by a join code, or invites.
  • Give them a join code on email and have them join with that simple code.
  • Or sign them up by adding members under your new set of links under the league / team menu.

Last updated: 3 years ago

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